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Expect more than your usual sparkie!

Time is precious in life, once used you can't get it back.
Like electricity, it's not a storable resource, it's on demand, when and where you need it. 

At Absolutely Electrical we understand you need us to provide you with:

  • good reliable service

  • quality safe workmanship that will go the distance

  • electrical advice and expertise that won't break the bank

A common misconception is quality means "expensive". Pay peanuts - you will get monkeys and all those unexpected "extras' loaded onto your job. More likely than not too, the work will be sub-standard, done by an unregistered, untrained or outdated "sparkie" mate!

Avoid paying twice over - get the work done once, done right and done well the first time. It's only electricity afterall, and your or someone elses life may depend on it, right?!

Absolutely Electrical is all about providing electrical work completed to prescribed electrical standards, that you know will go the distance and is safe for you and your family.

While "surprises" do crop up on jobs, making them larger than you may have anticipated, we'll do our best to keep you informed about potential costs. You decide what is going to be affordable and what needs to be completed.

That's part of providing just the best service and a team you can depend on again and again.

Reliable, trustworthy electricians do exist you know...absolutely

You can expect ...

quality workmanship delivered to prescribed electrical standards, each and everytime

You can expect ...

to know how much it could cost & be kept informed of changes
-  quotes -
remove uncertainty &
can help reduce "surprises"

You can expect ...

us to tell it like it is
to work with you to find the best solution to your electrical requirements and budget

Absolutely Electrical is 100% locally owned and operated, part of the Wanganui's business landscape in some shape or form since its incorporation in the early 60's.