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All sorts of electrical faults and problems occur around home. Loose connections, broken wires, blown bulbs and temperamental light fittings. Sparking and arching, too hot or too cold, not enough light or not enough power points?

From lighting plans, complete re-wires and home ventilation to installing lights or fixing a switch ... we can do it all for you.


No hot water

You'll find 99% of the time you'll need an electrican first. More than likely your hot water element in your hot water cylinder needs replacing or the thermostat has blown. Areas with hard water mean lime deposits build up over time. This reduces the hot water element's life span which heats water to temperature. If you suspect a leaking cylinder, where the element has blown due to boiling dry with no water to heat - call your plumber pronto.

If the hot water fuse is blown on your meter board, an electrical short probably occured when the hot water element failed. The cylinder may need to be drained of water and element replaced. The fuse can be reset to restore both water and normal operation to your cylinder.  


08112012160.jpgNo power

Firstly check with your power retailer - who you buy your power from - like Genesis, Meridian, Trustpower and so on. Inform them of the fault, they will send a faults technician to investigate the street power poles and advise if you need an electrician to visit your property specifically.

Make sure you've also checked your ‘mains’ switch on your meter board. It should be in the ON position. If not, return it to the ON position. Still no power? There may be a fault with your mains cable connection or mains entry into the house from the street or a pole fuse has blown.   

If your mains entry point into your house has been damaged and needs repairing or replacing then we can do this for you.


ElectricalPlan.jpgGet the right light  

If you want the right kind of light for certain areas around your home, get the right advice up front. We can provide you with a lighting plan for a new build and home renovations to ensure you'll be satisifed with your lighting choices. Often customers are disappointed with their lighting choices when the fittings don't deliver the right light in the right places due to poor planning.

Avoid purchasing substandard light fittings, get a document of conformity with the fittings you buy. This tells you the fittings are fit for purpose and approved for New Zealand installtion. Substandard fittings may lead to your light bulbs blowing constantly too. Not all light bulbs are created equal, best to buy 240w mid range light bulbs. These generally have a longer life than cheaper versions.


Warm_dog.jpgHome ventilation & heating

A healthy home is an insulated home, where cool fresh air can come in, be heated to then circulate as warm dry air around the home. Insulating your home keeps it warm and dry in the winter and cool in summer.

The size of your home and type of house you have, will determine the best way to get air circulating to create that healthy home environment.  Good ventilation is the key, regardless of which heat pump, fire place, air conditioning unit or heater you choose to have in your home. 

Need some advice? We can help you with your home heating and ventilation solutions.


RCM-Symbol-blue.jpgBeing compliant & electrically safe

COV, house wiring report (selling/insurance).

Issuing you with an Electrical Certificate of Compliance (ECOC) means your place is certified as safe. Where the work completed is done to a legally prescribed electrical standard by an electrical professional.

You can reduce the risk of an electrical misadventure at your place ... like burning down the house!