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What we do

Whether it's new installations, renovations, new builds and rebuilts or regular maintenance and straight out repairs - then Absolutely Electrical can sort it for you.  We do a lot as electricians, for a lot of different folk, in a variety of locations and situations.


caravan-couple.jpgIf you need an inspection done for your caravan's electrical warrant of fitness, have a property that's been off the grid for over 6 months, need a builders temporary installed or any new connections to the grid covered off.

It's only a phone call to schedule an electrical inspector for you. The electrical inspectors we use are current and up-to-date with the lastest electrical regulations.

Here's the electrical certifcations where and inspection is normally required as part of the process:

  • ECOC - Electrical Certificates of Compliance
  • COV - Certificate of Verification for reconnection
  • EWOF - Electrical Warrants of Fitness



If you're looking at buying or selling property, or the insurance company needs to know the state of your wiring - then a wiring fitness report for your property can be turned around quickly for you.

Let us know if you'd like reports from the builder and plumber too, no problems in co-ordinating this for you either.

Your electrical wiring fitness report is presented as you'd expect it to be, professionally, and it can be delivered by email if you need it quickly.


marquee1.jpgPlanning a big event or function outdoors? Ensure you have a safe and constant power supply set-up.
Ask us about providing a secure power facility for things like:
Marquee lighting

Catering facilities and refrigeration

Music and PA systems

We can take the stress out of getting the power going for your special occasion - to make sure your event "goes off" to the right kind of bang.