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Like around home, electrical faults and maintenance concerns need to be managed quickly and effectively for both tenants and property owners for peace of mind. It's our job to ensure you get work done when you need it.

From rewires, installation and maintenance of hobs and stoves that won't go properly to those every day niggles ...loose connections in light fittings, broken power points, lights continually blowing to exterior security lighting needs.
We can sort it for you.

We'll keep both tenant and property owner informed, about what's required and discuss costs if it looks like more is required than initially expected once on-site at the rental.



If you have electrical concerns always contact your landlord in the first instance to discuss these.

You can then call us with your landlords details, or ask your landlord to call us directly to work out what's needed and give the 'ok' to get on with work. Billing details can be confirmed, so the invoice for the work is sent to the right address and account holder. This means everything is agreed between yourself and your landlord, before work starts.

Given the 'ok', we'll get in touch straight away and set-up a time to get your electrical concerns sorted. Regardless of the situation, the property owners consent for work is essential to having work done quickly, allowing you to get on with your day too.


2_Landlord.jpgProperty owners

Keeping your tenants happy is paramount to keeping your property tenanted on a continual basis. We understand how important it is to ensure your rental property is electrically safe for your tenants.

You can rely on the fact work being done on your rental property is to a standard that will not jeopardise the safety of tenants or re-sale opportunities at a later stage.

Make the call to discuss regular maintenance plans. We already look after rental properties for property owner’s country wide, owner's who prefer to look after their rentals independently from property management firms.


3_Property_manager_2.jpgProperty managers

We can and do work with rental property managers, as preferred Master Electricians.

Ensure as property managers you are using a licensed registered Master Electrician to do all work on your rental property portfolios. If not, you have no assurance the work completed is up to current electrical practicing standards and puts property, tenants and owners at risk.

Substandard workmanship may result in insurance claims being voided and problems with re-sale opportunities´╗┐.