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You want an electrician with the right kind of skills, experience and farming know how - someone who is an extension of your farming team. The best kind of electrician can fault find and diagnose problems to get you up and running quickly, reducing interruptions to your routine.

At times, it's mission critical and a rapid response to faults and breakdowns makes all the difference to production and output levels. You've come to the right place then. We understand the time and investment required by you, to ensure your farm runs as smoothly as possible...every single day.


Water management

Consistent and reliable water supply is the most important resource on any farm. Ensuring stock have access to water and fields are kept irrigated to minimise drought impact can be a huge concern for farmers. Especailly considering changes in weather patterns over recent years.

Breakdowns on water pumps and irrigation can cause costly production losses and put undue stress on both stock and farming staff alike.

Diagnosing faults quickly and knowing how to repair these on the spot is why you need an experienced and reliable electrician from Absolutely Electrical as part of your team.



Effluent control

Being able to effectively manage effluent waste on the farm is a high compliance concern to regional councils and can result in costly fines if not controlled properly.

The need for reliable stirrers and effluent pumps with the associated electrical controls are essential to best practice farm management these days. 

You need to be able to get on with running your farm, knowing repairs and regular maintenance needs are understood and undertaken reliably. You can trust we will get the job done. 




Milking sheds

Rotary platforms, milk lift pumps, backing gates, wash down pumps, hot water cylinders, lighting and farm pumps are all prone to critical failures.

Failures which immediately impact milk production, grades and cause health and safety issues for those on site. Let us help in resolving your concerns quickly and reliably, we have the experience to reduce your worry factor.

And when you are looking to upgrade your existing shed or plant, give us a call, we've had a hand in a range of sizeable shed upgrades and builds along the way too.



Nothing worse than having a sheering gang standing around when electrical repairs and  maintenance have been overlooked, grinding the shed to a stand-still.

Sheering stands, wool presses, lighting, water pumps all need regular maintenance and repairs to operate optimally.

Regular preventative maintenance is something you can rely on us to do for you, keeping your  sheering gang fully productive when they're with you.