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Finding an experienced industrial electrician is not an easy task, with most large industrial training platforms for electrical now based off-shore. It's a specialised skill that helps ensure operational targets are met with the smooth running of your production line.

Understanding the manufacturing process electrically means practically supporting operations, from the input of raw materials to finished products. Planned outages for plant maintenace are our speciality, along with the occasional breakdown, when they happen.

You can relax with Absolutely Electrical on your factory floor.  


Egg-Belt-Production-Line.jpgProduction line

Get the specialist electrical knowledge to cope with all the sensors, limit switches, timers, counters and temperature controls as the fundamental working components of production based industries. 

Without it, without experienced and knowledgable electrical staff as an extension of running your factory you risk reocurring costly breakdowns and malfunctions. These result in staff downtime, missed orders and missed deadlines, impacting your bottom line.

When you know you need sound electrical skills backed by the right industrial experience, you can't go past Absolutely Electrical. With over 30 years dealing with industrial planned maintenace outages and routines, plant upgrades and new builds, it makes sense to give us a call.

Motor-repairs.jpgMotor repairs

The humble electric motor is a core component to any industrial process, regardless of size, capability and load. Often overlooked, stoppages can cause catastrophic manufacturing meltdowns and chew into plant productivity very quickly, when offline.

Ensuring you have the correct selection of motor controls and starters is crucial for the protection of the motor. You need an electrician with industrial knowledge who can install and repair equipment fit for purpose and the conditions in which the motor is to operate.

When you need to know your choice of motor is up to the task, take out all the guess work, give us a call to help you sort it.


Power-Supply.jpgPower supply

You can avoid failures to the electrical plant with the installation of a reliable power supply and distribution within your factory.  The correct sizing of cabling from good quality distribution boards needs to be fully specified, then installed to ensure the correct voltages and current are optimised to suit your operation.

Where the power supply has been poorly scoped both low voltage and over current will cause problems to cabling and related electrical controls. Without the right installation for the situation, you can expect higher costs and more repairs in the long run.  

Matching the power supply to the industrial environment is what we do, to help you get the best solution in place from the start.



It's common sense to ensure you have the correct selection of high output, efficient, cost effective lighting to support a safe and healthy work environment. It is an essential requirement where heavy machinery or conveyor systems are running continually on production lines too.

You can have adequate and effective lighting solutions in place to make sure people's welfare is taken care of with well lit work areas. Covering wide areas to specfic task lighting areas.

If it's lighting in the warehouse and stock movement areas, to the production floor and out to front office spaces or for security purposes, we'll sort it for you. We can work with you to plan new installs or upgrading existing lighting to suit all of your industrial requirements.