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At the workplace


Make sure your workplace is electrically safe and sound. Electrical requirements in the workplace are similar to those you need around home, just on a larger scale. Good task lighting to work by or for attracting customers into your store, enough power outlets to drive office equipment and safe connection to power sources, makes your workplace more enjoyable all round.

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test-n-tag.jpgElectrical maintenance

For the health and safety of your staff, regular maintenance ensures your workplace is up to current electrical standards, identifying potential hazards with cabling, lighting and switchboards.

Electrical appliances around the workplace are a common cause of electrical faults and blown circuits. Make sure your tools, appliances and power leads are electrically sound to use.

Get them certified as safe to use with our competent testing and tagging service when they are due. You will find some work sites won't allow you to use your own tools unless they clearly show the correct electrical test and tag attached with a current test date displayed.



You know the frustrations of working under a flickering light fitting. Flickering lights, poorly lit work stations and low lighting levels can cause eye strain, headaches and accidents leading to absenteeism.

A well lit workplace is essential to a productive, happy and healthy work environment.

If you have concerns about outdated fixtures and fittings, need direction on lighting levels or have faulty fittings blowing lamps regularly, then give us a call.

We can help you with all lighting repairs, replacements and new installations.


Overloaded-multibox.jpgPower outlets

Do you have unsighly and dangerous power leads running everywhere with potential trip hazards and overloaded power multi-boxes? We can recommend the right amount of power outlets to meet your workplace needs, rather than overload the exisiting ones.

Don't loose all your hard work when you get that unexpected power outage. Make sure you have installed uninterrupted power supplies to protect your computers and other sensitive equipment from power outages. 

Be the best boss in town by removing the potential for electrical faults and personal injury by ensuring you have an electrically safe workplace.


shop-fitting.jpgShop fitting

Moving buildings is a big job, for all concerned. Relocating to, or building a new commercial premise is fraught with compliance issues when it comes to electrical requirements. It can be a stressful process when not well planned out.

You need to get the job done right the first time. Talk to us about your plans and seek advice for optimizing the placement of your electrical fixtures and fittings for displays and shop floor workspaces.

Getting the advice up front can help to reduce overall costs by ensuring your light fittings are in the correct place from the outset. No rework or double, tripple handling then.